Saturday May 11th 2013, 12:02 am
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When I was at Syracuse, I put up with a lot of garbage from the brothers of the Eta Phi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. A lot of disrespect. The person I am now would never stand for that; now I have the tools to respond, react, and understand why they have the audacity to act that way. Part of it is because they never face any consequences.

Today, I sent this letter to the National President of Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity, the Director of Bands at Syracuse University, and the Chancellor of Syracuse University. If you want to report their triggering and misogynistic twitter account for spam, please do. I’m not linking to it due to triggering content.

Adam Cantley, National President of Kappa Kappa Psi
Justin J. Mertz, Director of Athletic Bands, Setnor School of Music
Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Syracuse University

To Whom it May Concern,

The brothers of the Eta Phi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity at Syracuse University are a disgrace to the campus, and a sad excuse for a service fraternity whose main goal is “serving the bands.”

Last night, the hashtag #slutbuffet was trending, as the 2013 Senior Celebration went on. I was disgusted by the use of this hashtag. Slut-shaming and victim blaming have no place at the senior celebration, at Syracuse University, or anywhere. A triggering and disrespectful hashtag like that contributes to¬†rape culture: a culture that contributes to rape by tacitly (or overtly) condoning it, by perpetuating the idea that some women “ask for it.” No woman asks for it. Ever.

This hashtag caught on so fervently that they eventually had to shut down the livefeed of tweets using hashtag #seniorcelebration due to the triggering nature of #slutbuffet.

This hashtag was started and proliferated by @skullguy1992, a twitter account monitored by the brothers of the Eta Phi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. “Skull Guy” is Eta Phi’s official mascot. The account created the hashtag and used it repeatedly throughout the night.

I graduated from Syracuse University two years ago, and I am a sister of Eta Phi’s sister sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. The men of Eta Phi, despite being my “brothers” united in our mission of “serving the bands” have always been more concerned with their egos, partying, and misogyny than with the Syracuse University Marching Band. These men are not furthering the mission of Kappa Kappa Psi. These men are not upstanding or respectful people. The brothers of Eta Phi should be ashamed of themselves – but they’re not. They seem to think the whole ordeal was quite funny.

And although perhaps only one or two brothers have access to the @skullguy1992 twitter account, the Eta Phi mascot is recognized a symbol for the chapter. I didn’t see any brothers denouncing the account, or standing up for the women at the Senior Celebration. I never saw the brothers of Eta Phi taking part in any violence-prevention programs or feminist causes when I was at Syracuse, and I am dismayed (although admittedly unsurprised) that the chapter has continued in the direction of misogyny and rape culture.

I am disgusted by the people I wish I could call my “brothers.” No brother of mine would ever show such blatant disregard for the people on their campus. No brother of mine would take part in a hurtful and triggering campaign like I witnessed last night. Slut-shaming is a problem, and it contributes to a culture of violence and victim-blaming. These tweets do not happen in a vacuum. The brothers of Eta Phi do not understand that women are people, not just “sluts” to be ogled at and objectified. The brothers of Eta Phi have no respect for women.

This is not the first time that Eta Phi has shown their true colors, and I hope to see the Eta Phi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi disbanded in the near future. You should be ashamed that a group of men bearing the name Kappa Kappa Psi could be so abhorrent.


Samantha Lifson
Syracuse University Class of 2011
Tau Beta Sigma | Eta Alpha | Alpha Gamma


– I am closing comments on this entry – brothers of KKpsi have commented anonymously on this very blog, and I think it would be best to keep this post troll-free.

– Also, I am aware that there are brothers in Eta Phi who are not men. But the reality is that the men who are the most disgusting and the most misogynistic have become a symbol for the entire chapter. It’s a shame – I know that there are some brothers who don’t contribute to this behavior. But they are just as bad, since they have never stood up and called it out.